Welcome to Charlie9 Helicopters. We are proud to be one of the most flexible and capable helicopter operators in Denmark. We offer a wide range of services from VIP-flights, sightseeing tours to different high risk specialized operations. With our turbine powered helicopters we offer our services to both the private sector as well as public authorities.


Safety is our number one priority. Safety always comes before profit.


Fly direct to your destination.


Easy booking, no waiting time, commitment and service.


Finding opportunities for our clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Charlie9 Helicopters an approved helicopter operator?

    Yes – we hold an EASA AOC(Air Operator Certificate), DK.AOC.077, that allows us to perform commercial air transport. Furthermore we have authorization from the Danish CAA to perform high risk commercial specialized operations(low level filming, pollution control, water casting etc).

    Always remember to ask your helicopter-operator for their AOC-approval.

    Several “helicopter operators” in Denmark are marketing or branding themselves as operators, but reality is that they operate through a construction known as an “AOC-hotel”. This means that they pay a fee to fly on someone else´ AOC – but then the responsibility, training, economy, and everything else that should be secured through the AOC is somehow ended up in a grey zone…

    We recommend only to use operators that have their own AOC.

  • Why do you not operate the Robinson R44-helicopter? 

    We have been operating this type of helicopter before, but have now chosen only to operate turbine engine helicopters due to safety reasons. Furthermore the R44 emergency floats are not certified or safe to use at a wave high of more than 30 cm !!!(1 foot).

    This means that the helicopter cannot be used for commercial operations that include crossing any water area(unless there is no wind at all….) – and this is an important limitation for many operations in Denmark.

  • Why is it so expensive to fly helicopters - and what are your prices?

    Operating and maintaining helicopters is very expensive, but not rarely the benefits of using a helicopter to solve a mission or operation can generate so much added value in saving time or getting the right result, that is it costly, but not expensive.
    Our prices for the H125 starts at around DDK 11.500/hour, but please request a qoute for your specific flight - you may be positively surpriced:-)

  • Can you land anywhere with a helicopter?

    No – but you can land many places. With our helicopters we can operate to smaller landingplaces due to the performance of the helicopters. We always need the permission for the land-owner, and the landingzone need to be clear of obstacles.

    Please contact us for more information on this subject if you have a specific place in mind for a landing.

About Us

Who We Are?

Charlie9 Helicopters is a small helicopter operator established in 2011. The company specializes in pollution control, live broadcast, film and aerial documentation. Charlie9 Helicopters also conducts passenger flights and freight transportation.